Wind Burn on Face and Chapped Lips.

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After years of going to outdoor activities, and always getting wind burn on my face, I've finally found a solution that helped prevent this. The same thing always was occurring with chapped lips, the wind would not only turn my face red and give me wind burn on my cheeks, but my lips would also be chapped for several days. Many dont realize what causes this, the sun of course can give you sunburn but its the constant wind that gives you chapped lips and wind burn on the face.

Whenever I was outside, especially if at a football game or outdoor sporting event, my face was often red (not sunburned but red and rash like which was caused from the wind). It turns out this red face was wind burn which I didnt notice at the time. It didn't feel like sun burn but I eventually eliminated the windburn by using regular sunscreen on my face (yes sunscreen to stop wind burn). It might sound a little strange, but apparently the sunscreen would shield your skin from the constant wind rubbing and scraping against your face. Since I started using sunscreen my face no longer gets red or sore from the wind, its pretty amazing how well it works for this. Using chapstick on the lips will also prevent chapped lips from occurring for the same reason. Its the only time I ever use chapstick is when outside like this. This might be helpfull for others to know, using sunscreen when outdoors even if not in the sun or wearing a hat can still stop the wind burn that you don't even realize is occurring. You will be amazed also that your face isn't even red at the end of the day, unlike everyone else's face that didn't use the sunscreen.