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Community Help: How much does it cost to replace water heater?

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I figured I probably needed a new water heater because my current water heater was 10 years old and over the past week I noticed my water was still semi hot but more warm then hot. When I took a shower I had to turn the shower faucet all the way just to get it warm enough, and I never used to have to do that before.

My water heater is an electric water heater, and it says that most of those last around 9 to 12 years (it also says gas water heaters last around 15 years, so they run longer) . Typically its common to see water leaking out the bottom or water leaking out the top of the water heater as it starts to corrode, but mine looked just fine. This is a good reason why you want your water heater in garage or basement. The point being a part could be corroded where the water heater can be fixed, but is it worth it to pay to fix something thats probably going out in a year? For me I figured I would just get a new water heater instead.

I called a plumber and he confirmed about the same, the inside parts were very corroded. I had him put a new water heater in, and they brought the new one (I didn't have to go buy it on my own in case you are wondering the same), and they also disposed of the old tank and took care of the permits with the city, so basically I didn't have to do anything. The total plumber cost was $890 and that included everything out the door. It was a couple hours work roughly to complete, seemed reasonable to me as I know they have to cover all the additional costs of gas and parts. I assumed the total water heater installation cost would be somewhere around $800 to $1000 so their charges seemed about right.

By the way the warranty is 6 years on the new water heater and the warrany is 1 year for labor on it.