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I had a wart on my nose for the first time, and I got rid of it, so I'm going to explain how I did this without going to a doctor to remove the wart, it definitely works and is something that I think will work for others that may read this. I actually asked the dermatologist doctor how they would get rid of it and the dermatologist said liquid nitrogen to freeze it, but said it will leave a blister on my nose. Obviously I dont want a blister on my nose and dont want a bandaid on my nose either, so I experimented myself. The dermatologist did confirm to me that duct tape will get rid of warts over time, which I had read about that on the internet and figured I would make that part of my wart removal experiment ;-)

First off the wart was on the side of my nose, kind of below where glasses would sit on the nose. I was afraid the wart would spread so obviously I was going to get rid of this one way or another.

I started wearing a piece of duct tape on it (wash it first good to get all oil off, then put a small square duct tape piece on it just enough to cover it completely so no edges stick out). It MUST be duct tape, critical because it fits so tight and stays on. This itched and felt irritated when doing this, which made me feel great because I felt like it was working! The problem here was that I wore it at night and while sleeping, but then took it off during the day as obviously I didn't want to be walking around people with duct tape on my nose. I thought about putting a bandaid over it so you can't tell duct tape is under it, but didn't want to walk around with a band aid on the side of my nose for a few weeks either.

After 4 days of doing this, I could tell the wart was much flatter and smaller! Trust me this works, but you need to do it all the time because when I thought the wart was gone when it became level to the skin, it just came back again when I stopped wearing the duct tape. Now I needed to add something else to get rid of this wart. I bought salicylic acid wart remover. Just get any generic cheap brand as long as it says its salicylic acid wart remover, thats just an acid thats mild and wont burn or anything like that.

Now dab a little of the salicylic acid on the wart, just enough on the wart and NOT around it, just real small amount as it will turn white and REALLY stinks lol Put a new piece of duct tape over it, at least this is what I did, so this is REALLY going to irritate that wart. Note that you will get a small scab so just put enough on the wart so its wart only.

After repeating this for 4-5 days, and doing it only at night and during bedtime, it was red there and very tiny scab, but I couldn't even tell there was a wart there by this time. I was sure this was getting rid of it, the skin was clearly level instead of raised as before. I stopped using the salicylic acid at this time and just used duct tape for a full weekend on it just to make sure it was gone. This got rid of it and it never came back again.

Hopefully this helps, I think the combination of the duct tape and the salicylic acid really created 2 major irritants to the wart and suffocated it, at least thats what I think happened because I love the fact it felt irritated ;-) It told me it was working. I have not had a wart since so I'm glad that took care of it. The duct tape might have worked by itself had I been able to do it 24x7, but I didn't want that on during the day, but clearly the duct tape alone was making it hard to even see the wart, I just think using the salicylic acid wart remover along with it really sped up the process.

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