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Community Help: Invisalign Braces - How Much To They Cost?

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I had invisalign and here is a complete invisalign cost breakdown of how much I paid for these braces and how they work. First off, they really are hard to see, others will not know you have them. The invisaligns fit really tight and will not fall out of your mouth as you might think. The one thing that you will notice is it bothers your speech a bit on a few words depending upon how you talk, so you have to get used to adjusting your speech a bit for some words, but that varies from person to person and really isn't a big deal. When I first got my invisaligns, you first go in and they evaluate if you are a candidate, if you have plenty of room, etc. Then once you are a candidate for them, you can pay $100 up front for a molding and computer animation (that $100 will come off your final cost also). This is actually REALLY cool. You go back a week or two later to see the computer animation, that $100 is a no money back situation, but if you are getting the molding and computer animation done, then most likely you have already agreed to get the invisalign braces. The animation shows the moving and time lapse of your teeth going from crooked to straight, and it's really cool to see. The invisalign cost was $5000 total on mine, but they ended up calling me back and offering it for $4500 because of a special they were running (or maybe because I was undecided and hadn't made a decision yet back before I did the computer animation). Once you spend the $4500 cost (which was actually $4400 because I already paid $100 for the computer animation), then this includes everything, except I think you will end up spending for one more thing at the end. When they say this includes everything, that also means the retainer aligner they will give you when done (that you need to wear to let your teeth lock into place, its basically the same as one more invisalign set, but it's not a very good retainer). So if you want the really good retainer, it's the vivera retainer that costs $500. So there is a cost at the end, and you will want the best retainer possible as it's important to hold your teeth for that next year so they don't begin moving back. So my total invisalign cost was $5000, they also did some additional adjustments when done to get it perfect, and a good dentist will do this, as almost everyone needs some final adjustments to get your teeth perfect. Basically this meant molding and getting a few more new aligner sets for final adjustments, and that was no cost and was all part of the $5000 total I paid.