Bake Turkey - Which turkey pan or turkey bag?.

Community Help: Baking Turkey - Using Turkey Bag or Turkey Pan?

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Below are some photos of the turkey pan I use to bake turkey (and I also use it for baking other things). People often ask me if they should use a turkey bag (with those tinfoil type turkey pans) or whether they should just buy a turkey pan. I would recommend if you rarely ever do this, then the turkey foil pan is fine as long as you use the turkey bag with it (very important to keep it moist). However, the turkey pan makes it MUCH easier and it saves you money the next time you cook a turkey since its reusable. By the time you buy the tinfoil pan, turkey bags, etc, and the time spent looking for those things, you will realize once you have a good turkey pan that it's really nice to know you don't have to buy that stuff next Thanksgiving or Christmas or whenever you bake your next turkey :) Dont forget those tinfoil pans are somewhat dangerous because they will be full of juice when you take your turkey out of the oven, and they dont have handles and they are NOT very sturdy! A simple poke with a knife through it will make a huge mess, so thats all up to you.

If I had to list a few key things to look for with a turkey pan, here they are:

  • Measure oven width and height. Make sure the pan you buy fits your oven (most are made to fit).
  • Make sure it has handles! This obviously makes it really easy to lift out of oven.
  • Lid should have some height and also a handle on top. When you put a turkey in the pan, the lid needs to have height to easily surround the turkey and go up above it.
  • Dont get fancy, there are many types of turkey pans. After buying mine, I can't believe I bought those turkey bags and tinfoil pans all those years.

    Here is my pan (this one is called granite ware) showing a 16 pound turkey still wrapped sitting in it to show the size. You can see it has plenty of size still for veggies along side, and plenty deep for holding alot of juice when done. In case you are wondering what is the size of my turkey pan, its roughly 20 inches long handle to handle, 9 inches high to top of lid handle, and 14 inches wide. This size pan fits no problem in my oven.

    Here is just a picture of my pan with the lid on it. The handles on the side are critical to have, and high lid, and the handle on the lid is also critical.

    Here is a picture of a turkey when done after I started tearing it apart :) Ignore the bag you see on it, you don't need a turkey bag as long as you have a lid on your turkey pan. I was just experimenting when I cooked this one. You can see the turkey pan is plenty big even with a large turkey and other things. I would always make sure your turkey has a thermometer in it to pop up when done, and make sure to face that part towards the oven door so you can easily check it when cooking.