How to dry out iphone when dropped in toilet.

Community Help: Dropped iphone in toilet

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In my bathroom my iphone accidently fell into the toilet and completely submerged under water. Now it simply is acting wierd, how can I fix this or is my iphone ruined from the water? If it matters, the toilet was not used at the time :)

First off, water can destroy phones, so its always possible it has been destroyed with water damage, but it depends how fast you got it out of the toilet also. Do NOT turn the iphone on, that can destroy it as its wet inside. Remove the battery and let it dry out for 3 to 4 days, all the moisture inside needs to be dried out inside it. Many have reported success by burying iphone and battery both in dry rice in a bowl to help draw the moisture out and leaving it that way for several days. Putting a small fan in front of it may also help. After 3-4 days put the battery in and charge it up and hopefully you will be fine. If that doesn't work you will need to take it to the apple store and hope the water damage hasn't ruined it. Good luck.