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Community Help: System Restore - Help using Windows system restore

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Many people are often confused about the Windows system restore. This is basically a "restore point" that was added years in Windows and gives users a chance to set their system back to a point in time. This doesn't mean you lose any programs, photos, or documents, it mostly just means you set back your system and registry, key items that determine how your computer runs.

The advantage here is that you can restore your system to a point where everything was working fine, in case something becomes corrupt or you get spyware, adware, etc. For example a virus may have altered your registry settings to "wreak havoc" on your system, and by restoring back it simply goes back to where it was before you got the computer virus. To run, you can either find the system restore in your computer control panel, or you can type "system restore" in the windows run box and it will automatically open the window for you.

System restore is a very good feature that has been added into Windows, it allows you go always go back to a point in time for your system settings, and has saved alot of people from having to completely reinstall windows.

There are also options to disable system restore which you will see in your system restore window, but the easiest thing to do is just leave it on and it will capture restore points automatically for you for different dates.