Swelling Under Ear And Jaw.

Community Help: Swelling Under Ear And Jaw On Left Side Whenever I Chew Or Drink Something

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About 2 yrs ago i experience swelling on left side of face..under ear.I went to my gp..he sent me to get a fine needle biopsy..came back negative..i believe she took part of lymph..so she sent me too ENT doctor..he thought it may be a stone blocking the duct..he milked it and it was ok..we did CT scan..it was negative.the swelling had stopped for about a year and half.just recently started again..this time its worse than ever. It will actually swell when i drink fluids..and sometimes i get a sharp pain..i thought it may be from a tooth..but i have a crown..i recently had blood work in february..no elevated white blood cells..everything within normal ..it has been progressively getting worse..and now i have no health insurance.sometimes even the inside of my ear hurts..i knows i prob need more test..but very expensive without insurance..and no..i dont qualify for any kind of government help..i am single white female..own my home..and have a savings account..thanks obama !