Purpose and help on svchost.exe file.

Community Help: SVCHOST.EXE - Define and explain the svchost.exe windows file

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The svchost.exe is processed directly from direct link libraries (files that end with a DLL extension). This file can do alot of things, like access the Microsoft page for updates among many other system related things. You may also find that spyware or malicious viruses may try to utilize this also and take advantage of it. The best thing you can do here is to have a good firewall, as you can restrict what this file can or cannot access. You can also set your firewall so this svchost.exe file can only access the Microsoft website and nothing else! There is no reason that I know of for this to access any other websites unless its some type of malicious spyware or virus activity. Also make sure the file is not named scvhost.exe, as many spyware programs use a very similiar name to make you think it is the same file.