Strep Throat Test - Costs.

Community Help: What does the doctor charge for Strep Throat test?

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I had a really bad sore throat which felt alot better in 2 days, but I thought I better get checked to make sure it wasn't strep throat, as strep throat can cause long term issues if not treated even if the sore throat gets better. I went to the walk in clinic Solantic, which is a nationwide chain of walk in clinic doctors. For simple tests like that a doctor like that should be fine to check you, and Solantic is 7 days a week. They actually tested me for strep throat and also ran a test for flu by swabbing the inside of my nose. Both tests and the doctor visit cost ended up being around $120. My insurance covered only around $65 of this cost, so the rest I paid out of pocket. I forget the break down of doctor cost versus clinic cost versus costs to get the strep throat or flu testing done, but if I remember right I think it was about $40 for the visit and the rest was the costs for the tests.