Crestor Caused Injuries To Occur Frequently.

Community Help: Crestor Caused Injuries Like Muscle Pulls And Tears

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Just thought I would let everyone know how the statins (which I was taking for high cholesterol) affected me. My cholesterol was 160 LDL and 36 HDL, 220 overall, and now I found out from another doctor that he would not even have recommended I take statins at that level. Needless to say I'm glad I dumped the previous doctor, it sounds like he was one of those that just prescribes everything as quickly as possible.

When I was taking the statins (I was taking crestor, but also tried several generics, all results the same) I was routinely get pull calf muscles when jogging. I told the first doctor about this and he blew it off like he was 100% right even though I knew for sure the statins were the cause. I could even feel the calf being close to pulling again and this probably happened 6 different times after never happening even once before. To prove my point I stopped taking the statins, once a month passed to let the calf heal, I never pulled it again! I knew that was the issue, the 2nd doctor told me there is no way that 1st doctor should have dismissed it as if it wasnt possible.

A few other injuries also occurred which I never realized until after the fact, but I tore a muscle in my forearm lifting weights and it never really was getting better. I couldnt figure out why until I stopped taking the statins. Magically that got better also and its now back to 100%.

I also had shoulder joint pain continuously. Again the 1st doctor told me there was no way that had any relation to statins. Amazing how my shoulder joints also got better once I stopped taking statins too. I could tell within 2 days after stopping the crestor that my shoulder joints were about 70% better. In about a week they were 100%, all shoulder joint pain was gone.

Hopefully this information can be valueable to others that are wondering about this if they encounter the same thing.