Repeated calf pull side effects from statins.

Community Help: Statin side effect I got - Calf pull injuries from Crestor

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I want to at least make others aware of this, as I now talked to one other person that amazingly had the same exact side effects that I had from taking a statin for high cholesterol. The amazing thing was I felt like it was me telling the story because the side effect matched so identical to mine. This person was using a different statin medication, as the statin I used was Crestor so it looks like its any statin, not just Crestor. For me it started months after I began taking it, my cholesterol went way down which was great, but I started getting weird injuries. At the time I didn't realize it, because I got a calf pull jogging and I had a bad limp for 3 days or more. I waiting a month to heal, went back to jogging again and could feel these little "twinges" in my calf while walking and jogging. It was something I had never felt in my years before. I guess the best way to describe it is it felt like the muscle was going to pull again so I had to stop. Eventually it did pull again, and the crazy thing was it was in the other calf! If it was a normal calf pull the injury would have occurred in the same area, not both calves. I started suspecting maybe it was statin related, and when I eventually got another bad calf pull injury a month later (and this one wasnt even the same area as previous ones), I stopped taking the statin. It was amazing how I recovered. Not only do I not get the calf injury side effects anymore, but I dont feel those little twinges that I was feeling before either. It returned back to normal and I'm jogging full speed again with no issues. I am posting this so hopefully others realize this crazy statin side effect can happen, and as I said a friend of mine explained the same issue he was having with it also, it was crazy how similiar our discussions were. Of course I have high cholesterol again so I am not sure what the solution is, but I am glad I am not taking the statin anymore and glad I'm back jogging again just like I had previously.