Spyware keeps coming back.

Community Help: Spyware Wont Delete - How come I cannot remove spyware?

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All spyware basically has a file that runs when you reboot. This is true with adware or spyware both, otherwise they would die out when you reboot! So when spyware keeps coming back it is due to having a file in your system startup. It is always best to monitor your system startup and understand this part of your computer, as it will allow you to find and remove alot of the adware and spyware programs yourself! (You can view what is running on your computer at bootup time by clicking start, then run, then type msconfig and run this, then view your startup tab. You can also disable programs here.). To view all tasks or processes running on your computer at any given time, press ctrl-al-del and view the processes tab.

If you are wondering why spyware programs cannot remove these, remember that all spyware programs probably only find 70% of programs at best! There is no way for them to find everything, as this is always changing and there are so many different spyware and adware programs released daily. The best thing is to just secure your system (I personally haven't had spyware or a virus in years and I never even run a virus checker or spyware program). Also if you are still running Windows 95, 98, or ME, you are running a very unsecured system as those were mostly before the spyware and adware era, so they were not prepared for it. You should upgrade to the latest Windows system, or be very carefull about the websites you visit since those systems do not have much defense against security loopholes.