Email Money Scams - Beware.

Community Help: Sample Email Scam - Don't fall for these

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Show below is a sample email scam. Many call these the Nigerian scams because many are located in Nigeria. The bottom line is do NOT EVER send money or gifts to someone over the internet, this is true with email scams or online dating scams. Also do not ever cash a money order if they send it to and be aware whenever someone says they need you to wire money or fedex something quickly. Its a scam, just avoid it. Here is a sample email I was sent, many scams are simliar.

I am Mr. Donkan Harrison a secrete lover to the late Mrs. Stella Obasanjo, The wife of the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria who died in Marbella-Spain in October, 2005. While she was under-going a surgerical operation. I refer you to these sites; nationalx/nr524102005.html On the 21st of April 2004, she deposited some funds in my names as a next of kin for security reasons to a tune of 6.7M US Dollars(SIX MILLION,SEVEN HUNDRED US DOLLARS) based on trust in one of the spanish funds and security outfit. I have RECENTLY INFORMED THEM WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE EXTREMITY OF THIS DEPOSITED,SINCE I WAS THE SUBSTANTIAL NEXT-OF-KIN AND BENEFICIARY TO THE DEPOSIT ON LEGAL BASIS. Prior to the execution of this directive; I HAVE INSTRUCTED THEM OF MY POSSIBLE INTENTIONS TO CLAIMS THIS FUNDS ABROAD AT MY WILL AND THEY HAVE CONSENTED TO THIS ARRANGEMENT based on my legal standing and the introduction of a foreign partner who shall front this as a result of my position and the nature of the original owner. I am now soliciting for your assistance/co-operation in going to SPAIN to signoff and claim this fund on a conducive business trust and relationship. As I am presentely undercover in Germany. As the secrete agent are after my life. Upon your readiness to travel to Europe to signoff and claim the fund from the Security Company, I will forward to you the necessary documents to enable you make the claim on the funds and have access to it. I will also forward to you the contact details of the HOLDING COMPANY so as to avoid unnecessary delays and leakage of secrets. Please do not respond to this mail if you are not convinced of this transaction and i apologise for any inconviniences i may have caused to you through this unsolicited mail. As you can as well just delate this mail from your mail box. And I humblely beg of you to keep my secret , secret. Please. Please reply through my private e-mail: Your early response is anticipated. May almighty God bless you. You can contact me through my mail for more vital information. Donkan Harrison Germany