Sand in the eye feeling - Itchy and irritated eyes.

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I had that "sand in the eye" feeling and "dry eye" feeling happening to me occasionally of and on. After looking at this closely in the mirror, even though you are sure there is something in your eye which feels like dust, grit, or sand, there really isn't anything in the eye. It just feels that way on your eyes and you must see the eye doctor, do NOT put this off. My opthamologist had to give me prescription medication to solve this, basically it was an eye infection as he described it. The bottom line is if you have any discomfort or problem with your eyes, go see the opthamologist or whoever your eye doctor is as the eyes are too critical to not get checked out and get it resolved! Had I not got this done he told me this would have gotten worse and worse, and it would have made the treatment harder. I had this sandy eye feeling repeatedly over a year or two, so it wasn't a one time thing, and I should have gone in much sooner to see the eye doctor. I also had my share of light sensitivity in my eyes along with this. (Note: Always contact your doctor or physician for any medical or health related advice).

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