Router vs Hub. What are the differences?.

Community Help: What is the Difference Between a Router and a Hub

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These 2 hardware items are close, but yet quite different so you want to make sure you buy the correct one. The simplest way to describe it is this....If you are just connecting some computers together at home, basically just networking them together then a hub will work fine, but if you are connecting multiple computers to the internet, then you need a router. Note also that a router also will act as a hub, as you can have multiple computers connected and on the internet, but you can also share the computers and view each one on your own network. A router also acts as a firewall to protect your from the outside world, and if you are on broadband, you should DEFINITELY be using on of these just for security purposes. I would also recommend a Linksys router, since it has been around a long time and the Linksys brand seems to be the most compatible (I have used my Linksys router for 7 years now without a problem).