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Community Help: Roomba Reset - My Opinion and Experience

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Yes, I have a roomba and it's nearly perfect. The only thing I can complain about it is that I have to clean up all obstacles on the floor before let roomba does its work. I also read some tips how to reset roomba and here what I found:To reset your iRobot Roomba, carefully turn its back such that the underside will face up. Sit it down lightly – it is expensive equipment and therefore breaking it will be real shame. Remove the Roomba’s battery. To do this, press the battery release tab using two fingers. After you have removed the battery, turn the Roomba back over carefully.
Press down the power button and hold for at least five seconds. Now turn it back over on its back carefully for a second time. Reinstall the battery into the unit. To do this, you only need to slide it back into its right place. Apply pressure until the battery pops securely into the right place.
Plug the unit into its charger and if you have a Roomba Home Base, you should avoid using it at this point to prevent interruptions on the charge cycle. You should allow the Roomba to charge for at least 72 hours. The lights on your Roomba can indicate that the unit is fully charged, but you should always allow it to charge for 72 hours.
Hope it's helpful!