Reboot your PC in safe mode.

Community Help: Instructions For Rebooting Your Computer In Safe Mode

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Many people are often confused about restarting your computer in safemode, so let me clear up the confusion. Safemode basically mean "startup my computer with only the very basic needs". This means your system programs will startup but anything else you normally have running will NOT. This also means even your basic computer drivers will startup, thats why your monitor will not show the normally clear picture and will be very basic looking. That is fine, dont worry about that when rebooting the computer in safemode.

Most computers you hit the F8 key (at the top of your keyboard). Go ahead and reboot your computer, as it reboots, you will see information scrolling on your screen. Things like memory, hard drive information, etc., will display, simply tap your F8 key several times during this time. Its ok to tap it 5-10 times, etc., as your pc will then open a menu. Some computers actually have a menu that opens up for a few seconds that asks you to choose, and you will see safe mode as a choice. Simply use your arrow keys and choose safe mode in this case. Other computers its actually the delete key you hit, so it does depend on the type of computer you have, but one of these will get you into "safe mode".
The next time you reboot your computer, just reboot normally and everything will be clear on your monitor and be running just as it did in the past.