Restart XP in safe mode.

Community Help: Instructions For Restarting Your Computer In Safe Mode (Windows XP)

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Many people have asked this question, and the process is simplest computer tasks you can do. To reboot your XP pc in safe mode, click the start button, then click run, then type msconfig in the box and click OK to run this. A window will then open. Click the boot.ini tab at the top (you will see a list of several tabs on the window that opens), and then you will see a checkbox near the middle that says "/SAFEBOOT". Check this box and click OK on that window. You will then get a box that asks to restart your computer, so click restart and you will reboot in safe mode!.

Note also you can use the same safemode procedure as was used in Windows 98/ME and earlier, by using the F8 key on reboot. You might as well use the safemode option already listed above as that seems easier, but you can also do the following: Reboot your computer, as it reboots, you will see information scrolling on your screen. Things like memory, hard drive information, etc., will display, simply tap your F8 key during this period. Its ok to tap it 5-10 times, etc., as your pc will then open a menu. Simply use your arrow keys and choose safe mode. The next time you reboot, it will reboot normally (unless of course you tap the F8 key again!).