Email and internet fraud - Where to report fraud emails.

Community Help: Report Fraud - Where to report fraud for AOL customers

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Everyone has seen these fraudulent emails in their email box. It may say "I am from Nigeria and I have come across 50 million dollars", or it it may say "Your bank account is going to be shut down", etc. There are also countless emails saying your Ebay account has been shutdown or needs validating, your Pay Pal account is going to be terminated, your bank or brokerage account is overdue, or your credit card has a large charge you need to validate. Obviously all of these are fake and you SHOULD NEVER sign on to a link sent to you in email. If you have any concerns, either make a phone call or go to the website yourself by typing the URL in the browser or using your bookmarks, DO NOT ever click the link in an email for this as that is how they route you to fake sites to steal your login information. Its that simple to prevent this. Now that we have that out of the way, if you are an AOL customer, you should report any of these phishing emails or fraud emails. Simply forward your email to TOSEMAIL1 Forward the entire email, not just part of it, so do not highlight anything in the mail, just click the forward button and send it. This is their fraud department for these types of things. Also be sure to click the "report spam" button on the bottom after you forward it, as it helps marking these emails as spam so others do not get them and they will hopefully go to their spam folder instead.