What is the cost to put in new faucet.

Community Help: How much does a plumber charge to replace a faucet

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My kitchen faucet on my sink was leaking water lightly out of the bottom of the faucet, and I wanted to replace it before it got worse. I called a roto-rooter plumber to replace my kitchen faucet. Water was also leaking only a few drops inside the cabinet underneat it, which could ruin the wood. I went to home depot and bought the faucet myself, I bought a Moen "4 hole" faucet as there are 3 hole and 4 hole faucets, so know what type you need or ask the plumber first. I paid $89 for the faucet at home depot, he said I could buy Delta, Moen, etc., didn't really matter as they are all good brands.

The plumber also told me that faucets typically last 5-10 years, but said that one that was built new with the house looked cheap based on the corrosion and leaking it was doing. Anyways I paid him $210 to install the new faucet. So the total cost was $210 plus the $89 for the new faucet, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, then this can probably be done yourself. It took him around 45 minutes total and he explained everything to me, but obviously you won't do it that quick because he's used to doing this and has all the tools. There are no fancy tools required though for installing a new faucet, just screwdriver, wrench, etc. This was roto rooter that I called to send over a plumber, so the cost should be the same for you. Roto rooter will give you an estimate first but will not do it over the phone, so you may want to call another plumber after he gives you the estimate if you want to check for a cheaper plumber.