Remove and clean metal sink stopper in the sink drain.

Community Help: How to remove and clean the metal sink stopper

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Below I will show you pictures and give you simple instructions on how to clean out your clogged drain and remove that metal sink "plug stopper" that leads to your drain. The process is really quite simple once you view the photos and description below. It will only take you 10-15 minutes, and your drain will be flowing as if it was brand new again with no clogs!

First of all, the drain's metal plug stopper is this one in the picture:

First thing you do is get a few cleaning utensils ready, because when you remove this "metal plug stopper" out of your sink drain, there will alot of gunk or other stuff on the end of it that is clogging your drain, and you will need to clean that out. I would get a garbage pail there to put it in, along with napkins to wipe the metal plug stopper clean with (and also to wipe out the upper part of the drain once the plug stopper is removed). If you have cuts on your hand then wear gloves so you don't get infected. You will need something thin to reach down into the drain with to scoop out the gunk also, and believe me there will be gunk in there if your drain is clogged and not draining well, because its that clay like gunk that is clogging your drain along with bit of hair or other stuff. I would recommend using a long butter knife (or long plastic knife to scoop or scrape the gunk out), or an old toothbrush or long wire brush/utensil that can reach down in the drain.

Second, now that you are ready, lets take this out. First look behind the sink, you will see a nut behind the sink leading into the drain. This can simply be removed. Here is a picture of it, you will see one similiar as all metal plug stoppers like this have this nut in the back of the sink's drain. Screw in counter clockwise, it should come loose fairly easily as there is no reason for this to be as tight as lug nuts on a car :) .

Third, now that it's remove you will see a sink ball showing like this picture. This can simply be wiggled loose and removed. All pretty easy so far.

Fouth, now just lift out the drain's "plug stopper" in your sink. Thats all that was holding it in. Use the napkins to clean all that junk off the metal plug stopper, and try not to get any on your hands if you can help it. I would then use napkins on your finger to clean out the gunk as far as you can reach into the sink, and also be sure to clean the ball in the back that you removed and the entrance for it into the drain. Might as well get it all out of there so you don't have to do this again for a long time. Finally get down into the drain with the wire brush, butter knife, toothbrush, or whatever you have and try to "scoop out" as much gunk as you can. Try to scoop it out rather then letting it go down the drain. Scoop and scrape it all out and dispose of it. By the way, don't run the water in the drain at this time as it will leak out the back where you have the ball and nut removed! Once everything is cleaned out the best you can, simply put the metal plug stopper back in the drain, and wiggle the ball back in place and it will hook into the drain plug rather easily, not hard at all. Lift the metal plug stopper a bit with your hand to see that you have it hooked, then put the ball back in place and tighten the nut back on again. You are done, and you will see the water flows amazing fast again with no clogs! If you have any other suggestions feel free to describe or post about it here.