Removing and Deleting the Sasser Virus/Worm.

Community Help: Manually Remove Sasser Worm or Virus - Follow These Steps

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First off, you need to go to your tasklist and terminate the following tasks, as these are all part of the sasser worm. Terminate avserve.exe, avserve2.exe, and skynetave.exe. Sasser also uses random numbers as names, and ends each program with "_up", so look for names like 15341_up.exe and terminate these tasks also. Now go into your windows folder and windows system32 folders and find each of the file names you terminated, and delete those files, as they are all part of the sasser worm or virus, and must be removed so they cannot restart. As always, update your anti-virus and you should be fine but this provides a great double-check, or a way for those who want to manually delete this virus.