Removing and Deleting the Mytob Virus or Worm (Net-worm).

Community Help: Manually Remove Mytob Worm or Virus - Follow These Steps

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The "Mytob Worm" or "Virus" is a worm that can spread via a Microsoft vulnerability in the operating system. There are also multiple names of this virus depending upon who you talk to, so you may see variations of the virus name. This virus can spread across the internet by sending emails with attachments. If you think you may have this, go through your windows startup list and look for a file named wfdmgr.exe or msnmsgr.exe. I have seen the wfdmgr.exe file but have not seen the msnmsgr.exe one myself, however it was reported on earlier worm versions (note they are trying to fool you by making it look like MSN Messenger). As always, be carefull when downloading random attachments via email, unless you are expecting an attachment to be sent to you or you know for sure the attachment is good, don't bother with these via email and simply delete them. This would go a long ways to helping prevent the spread of computer viruses.