Kama Sutra Virus - Detailed Information and removal.

Community Help: Kama Sutra Virus Removal - What is the kama sutra virus?

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Listed below is some files you should delete to make sure you have removed this virus. The "kama sutra" virus, as it is commonly called, will delete many common files. These common files are popular antivirus files like Symantec, Trend Micro, Norton, etc., as it will delete and remove these files. If you have this virus then these files have probably already been deleted. It will also remove files from morpheus, limewire, and some other popular programs that you may have. It will also attempt to email itself to many other people, with various subject headers trying to fool those that it gets emailed too. It is always recommended that you run your virus checker, but look for the following files if you suspect you have this virus on your pc: In your system 32 folder: sample.zip, new winzip file.exe, and winzip_tmp.exe. In your windows folder: rundll16.exe, movies.exe, and zipped files.exe. Note that these locations could vary a bit, but they are most likely in the folders listed. The kama sutra will also make copies of itself as real names and put them in your system folder, update.exe, scanregw.exe, and winzip.exe. These are actually programs used by many, but they just use the same name to fool you and place it in other folders, they also have it listed so it runs at startup automatically. Always be aware of what runs at startup so you can verify if any new spyware or viruses have been added to your startup list (or use a program like spy guardian pro that will monitor your startup and notify you if it changes).