Bloodhound Trojan or Virus - Information and removal.

Community Help: Bloodhound Virus Removal - What is the bloodhound virus?

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First off, bloodhound is actually a detection method used by Norton antivirus. So when you say "bloodhound virus", you are actually referring to the method they use to detect these viruses, and many viruses may fall into this category, so its not necessarily just one type of file. For example, some of the trojan names you will find include Bloodhound.AOLPWS, Bloodhound.MBR, Bloodhound.boot.string, Bloodhound Word macro virus, and more. The best way to manually find and remove viruses is to always know what you have running at startup time, in other words what programs automatically run when you reboot... as spyware, adware, and trojans all need a way to continue running! Go to your run button and type msconfig in the box and click ok to run it. Then click the startup tab, this shows you the programs that are running whenever you reboot, become familiar with this and look for unusually named modules or new entries that appear there!