Pus coming out of penis and what causes this.

Community Help: Pus coming out of penis

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I was in complete shock one day when I noticed that yellow pus was coming out of my penis. These were just tiny drops but the underwear actually had yellow spots in it from this that were pus, and I finally went to the doctor. After being scared initially as most would be, I finally realized it was probably a yeast infection of something caught from a woman I had sex several weeks earlier. You can go to any doctor for help on this, you don't need a specialized doctor. I went to a walk in clinic. When I filled out my paperwork I just wrote down "personal" or "private" on the description where it asks why you are visiting the doctor, because I surely didn't want to explain on paper that there was pus oozing out of my penis. On me it was about 10-15 drops total in a day, in other words my underwear had 15 yellow spots in it at the end of the day, and my penis tip often stick to the underwear. Trust me this sucked, I hoped it would go away but it gradually seemed to get worse. Go to the doctor if you get this, it's not worth wasting your time hoping it goes away and being in a panic about it. I made sure I had a male doctor, I didn't want to explain that to a woman or have her look at it, just my personal preference. I ended up getting a prescription antibiotic, my doctor told me this was most likely chlamydia and that it was bacteria that could be treated with prescription drugs. It went away in 2 weeks, but the burning penis and pus drops coming out dropped dramatically within a couple days of taking the antibiotic. (Note: Always contact your doctor or physician for any medical or health related advice).