Prevent identity theft and phishing.

Community Help: Tips to prevent phishing or identity theft

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The best thing you can do to help prevent phishing attacks and prevent identify theft is to NEVER go to your credit card site, bank site, broker site, or any other financial site due to a LINK IN AN EMAIL. This means simply type in your bank site by opening your browser, if you click the link in an email (which could be a fake sender), you can be fooled into going to a fake site to enter your password and get it stolen. The rule is simple, remember that your bank, credit card company, broker, etc., will NEVER send you an email saying your account is being closed or any other stupid reason to try and make you panic. These are what people send as phishing attacks to fish for your passwords. If you do think its from your bank, then simply open your browser separately and go to your bookmark or type in the link, avoid going to the link in any email. If you are really unsure, simply call your bank or broker. Following this simple rule would save alot of people. If you already think you are a victim of a phishing attack, you need to immediately call your bank or broker, credit card company, etc., and notify them and also change your passwords.