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My garbage disposal unit started leaking water all over the place under the sink. Garbage disposals eventually will spring a leak and wear through which was all news to me at the time. I called a roto rooter (plumber) to replace my garbage disposal since I didn't want to get under the sink and mess with that. Water was leaking out underneath my garbage disposal unit. I went to home depot and bought the 1/3 horsepower garbage disposal unit myself for around $80. There are different horsepower units and you pay more the higher you go. The roto rooter plumber also told me that it doesn't matter which one you get, because they will all corode and wear through in around 5 or 6 years. Even the new stainless steel garbage disposal units will corode and leak eventually, and they cost 3 times as much and aren't worth it. This is the information he gave me. I ended up paying roto rooter $219 to install the new garbage disposal and around $80 for the cost of the garbage disposal unit, in case you are wondering how much they charged me or what the cost was. This was roto rooter that I called to send over a plumber, so the cost should be the same for you. Roto rooter will give you an estimate first but will not do it over the phone, so you may want to call another plumber after he gives you the estimate if you want to check for a cheaper plumber. Roto rooter does work 7 days a week though so thats a good benefit if you need something done on weekends. Also, its probably better to just get rid of your garbage disposal and instead have them pipe it over to the other drain, the plumber told me garbage disposals are a waste of time since you shouldn't be throwing garbage in your drain, garbage disposals are great for plumbers because sooner or later you always have to get them replaced and eventually your drain will clog up and they get that business too. Had he told me this before I bought my garbage disposal unit, then I would have never put that in and just paid him to pipe it over to the other pipe instead.