Outlook Express Password - Automatically remember password.

Community Help: Outlook Express - Setup To Remember Password

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Outlook Express is the free email software from Microsoft that comes on all Windows computers. You can setup Outlook so your password is automatic, this means that it remembers your password so you do not have to enter it everytime you send or receive your email. To configure Outlook Express password features, open the email software and simply go Tools at the top and then go to Accounts. Highlight the account you want to remember the password, then choose properties on the right. Click servers and enter your account name and password. Make sure the box is checked that says "Remember password". Click ok and you are ready to go, your password is now saved and remembered, Outlook will no longer ask for it when you send or receive your email. Make sure you don't forget your password or need to recover your password, as it is easy to forget once you stop entering it all the time :-)