Computer Monitor Blank - Rebooting shows nothing on computer screen.

Community Help: Monitor is Blank - Computer screen is empty after reboot?

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This problem happened to me, not that the computer maker would matter, but my computer was an HP (Hewlett Packard) computer that one day it just wouldn't bootup when I turned it on. The strange thing is that the computer turned on, but the monitor was completely blank, no error messages, bios info, nothing. You could kind of tell it wasn't really fully booted up, as it didn't make the normal crunching and grinding sounds it makes when booting up, but the power was on. The first thing to check is to make sure your monitor is fine. If you have an old monitor, plug it in just to make sure it shows blank just like your regular monitor did, and that will eliminate the chance that your monitor went bad. If you have checked the monitor, and the problem still exists, then the most likely problem is that either your video card went bad, or the computer memory went bad, its almost certain to be one of these 2 things when you have power on the computer but nothing on the screen. When I encountered this problem, I first swapped out the video card and put an old one in, the problem was still existing so I put the good video card back in, as I knew that was not the problem. If you don't have an old video card, then simply start with the memory check. Start by removing memory so you have just one memory chip in the computer (always unplug the computer when doing work on it). Reboot and see if the problem still exists. If it still exists, replace the one memory chip with one of your other memory chips (in case the one you used was the bad one), reboot again and see if the problem still exists. For me, it was one of the memory chips, my computer booted up just fine once the bad one was found. I then bought a new one and inserted it, and everything was back to normal. The bottom line is if your computer power goes on the screen is blank, then you need to start your checking with the memory and video card, as that is most likely the problem (do the monitor switch and check also!). The good news with this, is that this situation is rarely ever a hard drive problem, so your data should be fine and recoverable, normally a hard drive problem will display some type of error on the screen and not just remain blank or empty.