Money Order Instructions (Also international money orders).

Community Help: Money Order - How to fill out money orders

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Filling out a money order is a very simple process. First of all, a money order is basically a "check" from your bank and this check or "money order" is considered as good as cash, and anyone will accept them worldwide. Most people use them for traveling, as they are safer since you can cancel them if you lose them, and you can also get them replaced quickly if needed. Others use them for purchasing items overseas, as you can have money orders made out in any currency, so you can purchase items in U.S. funds if you wish, rather then have currency conversions take place. To get a money order, you must go to your bank and ask for them, if you have an account at the bank they will of course give you money orders based on any amount you wish, or in U.S. currency, etc. Your bank will work with you on that. To fill out the money order, you simply do it the same way you would do a check. When you purchase something, you can give them a money order, list the name of the person or business you are giving it to, and you must sign your name on the front of it (you will see a line on the front for signing your name). The person or business will most likely ask you to show your ID also for verification.

Be aware that there are some scams going on where people are meeting people online, then sending them money orders from overseas to "cash for them" once they gain their trust, and then having them wire the cash back to them overseas immediately. They have all kinds of excuses why they need you to do it for them, these are SCAMS! It sounds safe but you can be liable for cashing the bad money order they gave you, so avoid this money order scam. Beware, and stay away from any situation where someone wants to send you cash via money order from overseas. Anytime you have to "wire or send something" overseas quickly, you should stop and question what you are doing.