Lower Stomach and Abdomen Discomfort.

Community Help: Lower stomach discomfort - What the doctor told me

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I hope this message helps others that have abdomen discomfort or injury (or any type of hernia or strained abdominal area).

One morning I woke up in bed and had a really strange discomfort all across my lower stomach (like right under the belly button and all the way across to each kidney area). I did work out that friday night with weight lifting but I didn't remember anything happening during the workout.

I didn't think much of it and worked out again a day or two later, and after I did that the stomach discomfort seemed to get worse, it was so bad I had trouble sleeping at night and even sitting in a chair all day seemed to make it worse. I went to the doctor and he poked around to see if there was pain by the appendicts and gall bladder, and its really strained and uncomfortable but not really pain if I push my hand in. He also checked me for a hernia and made me do the cough test, and also asked if I knew of anything sticking out in the stomach area and said I would know it if it was (like stomach hernia where it broke through the stomach muscle). Everything checked out fine even though I felt AWFUL, strained and discomfort everywhere. Anyways he told me it was just really strained from working out, because he said I would have had pain when he pushed his hand in on certain areas. He said that abdominal injuries can really take a long time to heal.

So fast forward ahead 3 weeks... still not getting better! The strain seems to be multiple injuries (feels that way), as it runs up both sides by kidney and lats, and then right down the middle of the stomach, and also over the tender areas along the belt line and also bottom of the ribcage and down the sides of the stomach. I went to see a sports medicine doctor (family doctor that specialized in sports medicine). He ran me through some tests like ab crunches, leg raises, which I didnt' want to do but he needed to see if it was painfull for me (surprisingly that didn't feel bad). The discomfort was there and everywhere, but not really sharp pains. He said the same thing, that its common to get hurt working out and not realize it until the next day after cooling down. He also said the abdomen is a really big muscle and will take a long time to heal if you tear some of those fibers. He also said hernia

Now fast forward 7 weeks. It's almost 2 months and I haven't touched one weight since, but I have walked lightly on treadmill (80%). Some of the discomfort is definitely going away now, but it really took 5 to 6 weeks before I saw any improvement. Now at 7 weeks alot of the discomfort is gone, its still there and not moving as fast as I want, but I can lay down no problem now where before even that bothered me. Sitting for a long time throughout the day still bothers it, maybe because the stomach is hunched over? Not sure. For me the strain feels the most all around the belly button, like a horse shoe around it, so under it and up both sides of the stomach. Anyways hopefully this time line and other info will help others, I want to get back to working out again but no way I'm risking that until this gets better, I don't want to set it back another 2 months by attempting to lift weights.