Laptop or notebook will not bootup and will not turn on, power up, etc..

Community Help: HP Laptop Wont Turn On - What You Should Do

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I have an HP Pavillion laptop / notebook, and I turned it on one day and it simply would not power up. I don't believe the type of laptop even matters, but this is what you should try before attempting to take it anywhere to get it fixed. This worked for me and only took about 20 minutes of effort. If your laptop will not turn on, first of all, obviously you should plug it in. This will verify that it has power and even if the battery is no good it will still have power and run fine, note that you should see lights on the side where the adapter plugs into it (not all notebooks may have this little light). If you have that little light and you don't see it light up, you may have a bad adapter or plug in, etc. Make sure you have power in that outlet and the adapter is good. Now here is the problem I had and the fix that worked. Laptops sometimes need to "reseed the memory". What you do is unplug it, take the battery out of the back, and then unscrew the panel that gives you access to the memory, it should just be a panel on the back and a couple screws, simple to get at. Make sure you don't have static electricity on your hands, and take one of the memory chips out of the back. There will be 2 little clips on the side, use your fingers or a tiny screwdriver to pop clips outwards and the memory chip will pop right out. Just take out the top one. Now set that aside and replace the panel on the back, the screws, and the battery. Plug it in again, and you may see that it boots up just fine. This doesn't mean the memory is bad, although it could be. Power it down after booting up, and now go back again and replace the memory chip. Note that you have to slide the clips on the side out again.... its tedious.... so you may need a couple tiny screwdrivers to do this and just slide the memory chip back in place. Normally it slides in at an upward angle, then you just push it down after sliding it in first. Close the panel and replace the battery again, plug it in again, and reboot. Everything should now be fine as you have "reseeded the memory". If it doesn't work, you may not have the memory in right or its a bad memory chip, but in my case everything booted up fine and is now back to normal. This saves a trip to the computer office where they may charge you 50 or 100 bucks to get this simple thing resolved. If you don't have a tiny computer toolkit, get one! These are important and will save you TONS of time, they are only 15-20 bucks and is a tiny kit with 10 tools or so, tiny screwdrivers, tiny tools that make accessing screws and memory like this much easier. I would actually recommend buying one of these before even attempting to mess with any computer hardware. I hope this helped!