Ship laptop in mail - What does Fedex or UPS charge?.

Community Help: How much does it cost with Fedex, UPS, or USPS to mail a laptop?

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Below is what I paid for send a new laptop via mail in the U.S. This was October 2016 so it should give you an idea of the cost at least if you are seeing this later on. My laptop was brand new so I just used the same box it had come in (which was protected by tight fitting styrofoam, otherwise you will need to box it there so its properly packed and protected to insure it. My laptop showed a weight of 6 pounds and at UPS it rounded up to 7 pounds for shipping. I insured it up to $500, you "should" insure it but you dont have to, but it makes sense when mailing a new laptop across country (so I mailed it in the U.S. to a location in the U.S., it was "not" being sent internationally to Canada or anywhere outside of the U.S.)

My bill breaks down as follows, I paid $15.43 for residential delivery and $11 service options, which I assume is the insurance. There is also a delivery area surcharge of $6.90 (whatever that is), so the total cost to ship the laptop was just over $33. Keep in mind this was the cheapest method and will take about 4 days. You can pay more for next day air or faster delivery, but I didnt need that. I researched online and it sounded like Fedex was similiar price to UPS, so I just chose UPS because it was closer to me as time is worth money to me. For USPS I didnt want to deal with the slowwwww government waiting in line service that always happens to me when I go there, and I always heard they are cheapest for lighter weight stuff only. If you dont have Fedex or UPS close to you, check the mail delivery places like "Goin Postal" or some of the others as they can chip Fedex, UPS, DHS, etc., and may be right close to you.