Back door trojan virus removal.

Community Help: How to kill the back door trojan virus

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Backdoor trojans are a combination of various different viruses, all part of the same class of virus. Since there are various different types of back door trojans, you can manually kill this trojan by looking into your registry and getting the names of the files that are running at startup. Some of the names that have appeared are kernel.exe, win.exe, internat.exe, and various others, but they are almost always located in the Windows folder or the system32 folder, so check your registry to see if these files are found there. The Back door trojans will allow hackers to access your system by opening access to your computer, so it is critical that you get this remoeved if you suspect you may have it. Note that if you are running older system like Win 98 or 95 (some actually still run these today, and why not as long as they are working fine), you need to find and edit your win.ini file to look for the startup back door programs, as XP and Windows Vista will use the registry instead.