Keratoconjunctivitis - What helped my red eyes.

Community Help: Keratoconjunctivitis - What helped me with red eyes

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First off, I'm not a doctor but I want to share my experience with hope that it will help others. My eyes were diagnosed with this infection (as it was called) and my eyes were very dry and itchy all the time. They also said it was allergies and kept prescribing Zaditor. After I spent a year and half with extreme sensitivity to light (thats where it all started). I visited a optometrist who told me it was a virus and I needed to let it run its course (yeah he was wrong), so I dealt with the "sand in the eye" feeling off and on for a long time, dry eyes, and light sensitivity off and on for a long time. Finally I went to an opthamologist (based on a recommendation, if you have eye issues go to an opthamologist, not an optometrist as they have less experience and less training for these types of things compared to the opthamologist). They diagnosed this in 15 seconds as conjunctivitis and treated it with "tobradex" (a steroid). In 15 minutes my eyes cleared up, which was great. After this for the next 6 months I had continuous dry eyes and itching, and was using "zatidor" to treat this. The reason I finally got off this prescription was when I started using "artificial tears" drops in my eyes every morning. My dry eyes apparently were causing all the itching, but once I started using the artificial tears my eye itching dropped ALOT. I have not used zaditor again in over a year and half now, and hopefully this is something that can help you also. The doctor did not tell me this, but told me to keep doing that if it works as artificial tears can be used as often as needed (make sure its not visine or anything like that, as that has more in it then basic artificial tears, so read the instructions). The bottom line is I want to let people know that if you have this, putting artificial tears in your eyes when you wake up and throughout the day, may help help relieve your eyes the way they have helped me.