JCL sort example using dfsort (Omit parameter).

Community Help: JCL Sort - Example of using JCL and dfsort - Omit or exclude rows.

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JCL sort can allow you to easily omit or remove rows from your output data. You simply just call the sort job, pass it the files, and tell it the parms on what type of sorting you want and also what data you would like to omit from the output. The omit parameter is optional, but if you include the omit then the data will be removed from your output if it matches your criteria. For example, if you want your JCL to skip some input data, you use the omit parm just as it shows below.
OMIT COND=((10,2,CH,EQ,C'IA'),AND,(67,2,CH,NE,C'IA')) (This means you will bypass rows where position 10, for 2 bytes, equals IA, and also position 67 for 2 bytes does not equal IA). By using OMIT, you are telling your jcl code that if these 2 conditions are true, then the data is bypassed so your output data will "not" include these rows. There is no exclude parm, omit is what you use. This can handle almost any condition for bypassing specifc rows from your output result file.