How to add MP3 files to Ipod, Ipad, and Iphone.

Community Help: Add MP3 music into Itunes and iphone

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Many are not aware that you can easily add your own mp3 files into Itunes. Its simple, and you do not have to buy your music in Itunes especially if you already have your own mp3 music, or ripped the mp3 files from a CD or from some other service or mp3 download. Open your Itunes, and simply add the mp3 song into your music list on your computer. See screen capture below:

Once your click the corner square, then choose "add file to library" and choose any mp3 file, you will see the song appear in your Itunes list. Thats really there is to it. Now just copy to your iphone or ipad, etc and you are good to go!