Itchy Spot on Back - Dermatologist.

Community Help: Itchy Mole on Back - What the dermatologist doctor told me

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Hopefully this will help some others if I post it, so I will explain the scenario where I had an itchy spot on my back that I was always scratching. This went on for a long time, I'm not even sure how long but it was probably years before I realized thats always the same spot. I could kind of feel a mole in the spot which I thought was an itchy pimple or something like that, but I realized it was never going away so I went to see a doctor. For anything like this you should see a dermatologist doctor as they are the experts on skin issues. When the dermatologist looked at it he said it was a mole, and said its probably nothing but wanted to do a biopsy to have it looked at. The biopsy is no big deal, basically the dermatologist just puts a small shot in the back, it does not hurt much and then you dont even feel anything as they shave it off. They told me a week later it was nothing, but in a way I was glad I had the biopsy done because the itchy spot (mole) on the back was no longer itching! Hopefully this post helps others as you should see a dermatologist doctor if you aren't sure what type of doctor to go to.