Itchy area on my back - Back won't stop itching.

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I had a small spot on my back that itched for a year, I thought it was a pimple originally but it never went away and kept itching in the exact same spot no matter how much I scratched it and figured I better have a doctor check it. I finally went to a dermatologist doctor to get it checked out. The dermatologist told me he wanted to cut it off and look at it, which disturbed me. It actually doesn't hurt, he puts one simple shot in to numb it (which just feels like someone pinching it, not painfull at all, I was surprised). You can't feel anything when he shaves the spot off and in a couple minutes you are done. It's really that quick. A few days later he later told me it was an irritated mole. Nothing to worry about, irritated moles are common and the itching is gone and I don't need to see the dermatologist anymore. I also asked the doctor if he could freeze it off with liquid nitrogen treatment, so I wouldn't have to get it cut off (and therefore not have to get the shot in my back), he said he couldn't because of all the scratching and itching I had done as it really irritated that spot on my back and he couldn't see it. Basically if he cuts if off then he's sending it to the lab for a biopsy. If you have this you need to get it checked out, really only a dermatologist can tell for sure but he told me that irritated and itchy moles like this are a common thing, but he still had to get it cut off to find out for sure. As much as I hate needles and shots, as much as this itched for the past year and always scratching that itchy spot on my back on the corner of a wall, I wish I would have gone in sooner. It's great getting that cut off and now that itch is long gone. No stitches or anything is needed, just a band-aid, when the dermatologist cuts it off, it's more like a "scrape" on your back and its not painfull. If you have an itchy spot on your back, don't keep putting if off, just go get it checked out by a dermatologist and get it over with, you will be much happier not sitting around worrying about it or scratching it. Just make sure you go to a dermatologist and point it out to him why you are there, don't go to a regular medical doctor, they aren't nearly as qualified as a dermatologist is. physician for any medical or health related advice).

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