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How do I copy music from my Ipod?

Once you connect your Ipod (nano, shuffle, mini, etc.), open your ITunes software on your computer. In your options you can set ITunes to "manual" which is what I prefer for my Ipod options, as for me that is the simplest. Next have your music displayed on the monitor by click the "owners Ipod" option on ITunes. Now, any music song that you wish to copy to your computer, simply highlight it with your mouse click, right-click the song, and then choose the copy link. Now its simple, open your Windows explorer and then right click in any directory that you wish to copy your song to, right-click and choose paste. Thats it, thats all you have to do to copy from Ipod to pc You can also hold down your shift key when clicking, so you can copy many songs at once, then paste them all on your pc. Feel free to bookmark this in case you need to come back.

Why should I copy music from my Ipod?

There are alot of good reasons copy music from an Ipod or Ipod Nano to your pc, as often you may want to save your music to a computer as a backup in case you ever lose your Ipod or if your Ipod becomes damaged, you don't want to lose your music! You also may want to copy to a second pc, new computer, etc.

How do I delete music from my Ipod?

The instructions are the same whether you have a nano, shuffle, mini, etc., it does not matter. First off, plug your Ipod to your pc and open ITunes. I have Itunes set to manual (which means I will simply choose which music to delete, choose what music I want to add, etc., to me this is easiest, so that is the option I will list). Click edit at the top, then choose the preferences option, then choose the "Ipod" tab, then choose the "music" tab within that. Now make sure the option is chosen for "manually manage songs and playlists", you will see it on the screen, click ok when done so this option is saved. This now means you can manually remove any song from your Ipod. Now, display your Ipod songs by clicking the "Owners Ipod" option on the left window of your main screen. Once your songs are displayed, just highlight any songs in the list and press your delete key on your keyboard. Its really that simple, as long as you clicked the owners Ipod option, you are now deleting the songs that are on your Ipod and reclaiming space..

Why would I want to delete songs from my Ipod?

Often you will find a better sounding MP3 or other music file type, especially if you downloaded the song for free on a P2P service. If you just bought the song on ITunes then they will of course all sound good so this will not be an issue. There is no need to waste memory on your Ipod, and no reason to keep a bad song version in circulation, even though Ipods contain many bytes of flash memory. (Dont forget to also delete the bad song from your pc, so remove it from both to keep it from recirculating!).