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Community Help: Iphone Wont Charge - How to Fix

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My iphone was working fine and I never had a battery issue. Suddenly it will no longer charge and I keep getting the message that says "charging is not supported with this accessory". The wierd thing is sometimes it charges for a while, like it goes from 25% up to 60% then this message appears out of nowhere and it stops charging. How can I fix this as I know the battery is fine?


The solution to this might be fairly simple. FIrst off, we need to run a test to see if the chord is bad. Believe it or not, the chords can go bad and cause problems just like you are saying. Take a car charger chord and attempt to charge your phone in the car. (If you dont have a car charger chord for your cig lighter plugin for your iphone, go get one now, as you should have this anyways for emergency charging situations when you are on the road! Even if you never use it, leave it in the glovebox so its always there in your car in case needed). This will tell you if the chord is bad or not, it wouldn't surprise me if this works fine. If thats the case then buy a new chord online, you can get new iphone charger chords really cheap online vs going to the store.

If that doesn't work, then carefully shine a light into your plugin on the iphone. Its common for dust and lint to get in there, and that will cause the charging problem you stated. Get something dry to brush it out, make sure you dont bend or affect anything inside there but just brush out lint, paper, dust, etc to clean it out. This also is often a cause of charging problems and is a simple fix. One of these 2 scenarios will probably fix it.