Iphone - No signal after using wifi.

Community Help: IPhone won't switch to 3G after losing wifi connection

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I use wifi in my house, but starting the other day once I leave my house and lose the wifi signal, my iPhone wont connect to 3G and it just shows nothing. In the upper left hand corner next to the AT&T logo it wont swith and keeps showing searching occasionally or just no signal at all. I can't use the Internet, text or anything.

The fix for this is to just shut the phone off and turn it back on, then the signal will be there. I've also been told you can go to airplane mode then back, as that is quicker then turning the iphone off and on, but I haven't tried that method yet. Another thing you can try quickly without turning the iphone off and back on .... is to move the iphone in a figure 8 motion, for example 3 or 4 figure 8's, this sometimes will help you gain the signal back and is quicker then turning it off and back on.

Note also that if you are in a locaton where there is no cell signal, like a casino for example, shut your iphone off as the constant searching for signals will drain your battery quickly.