Iphone weather app - setup and view instructions.

Community Help: How to setup weather app on iphone

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The iphone has a weather app already on it which will allow you to view many cities. This is a handy app that you should setup when you get a new iphone, as you will most likely use this on or off for the coming years. Not only should you setup your city, but you should also setup any cities you travel to for easy viewing. For example, setup the 3 or 4 most common airports that you fly to or connect through so you can easily view your weather, or even cities you often pass through when driving. This way they will always be there to view with just a tap. First off, tap the weather icon on your iphone:

Next, choose the "i" shown in the bottom right, and type in your city.

This will allow you to simply "swipe" your iphone cities and bounce between them in alphabetical order. It will show you weather and forecasts for the next several days including temperature, rain, snow, ice, etc.