Iphone - How to fix when dropped in water.

Community Help: Iphone dropped in water

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My iphone got wet, it fell in water and completely submerged but only for a couple seconds. The screen was just showing an apple logo for a while and now constantly just goes black. How do I fix this or is my iphone ruined from the water?


First off, water can destroy electronics, so its always possible it has been ruined. Try the following:

1) Do NOT turn it on, that can ruin it if you already did that.

2) Remove the battery and let the phone and battery dry out for 3 to 4 days. All the moisture inside needs to be dried out.

3) Many have buried the iphone and battery both in dry rice in a bowl to help draw the moisture out. It may or may not really matter if its in rice, but putting a small fan in front of it for days may help.

4) After 3-4 days, put the battery in and charge it up and hopefully you will be fine. The charge will probably have to go for a while also, but if that doesn't work you will need to take it to the apple store. Water damage may have ruined it. Always worth a try though to dry it out and see if it works. If your phone is older and its damaged, I would look to upgrade instead of paying to fix it. You can also recycle your old phone on Apple's website and receive store credit for it. You may not get alot since its water damaged, but at least you get something for it.