Iphone shut down - how to turn it off.

Community Help: How do you turn off the Iphone

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To "shutdown" or "turn off" your iphone, the instructions are fairly simple, just like most other iphone functions. On the top of your iphone, you will see a button that you can press down. Not a touch button on the iphone touchscreen, but an actual metal button at the very top right corner. Simply press and hold this button in (you will need to hold it for about 2-3 seconds). Then you will see the screen showing "confirm". Slide the slider across your screen to confirm the power down. This will shut off your iphone once you do this and the screen with then go black. You also have a cancel option if you do not want to shut the iphone off. You can easily turn it back on by pressing and holding the same on/off button at the top that you used to shut it off. Once you hold it down for a couple seconds, you will see the apple icon appear on the screen as it turns on, and in a couple seconds the screen and your iphone will be turned back on.