Iphone Beginners Tips.

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If you got a new iphone, here are some tips to get you started! These are things I've learned and recommendation for both new and even experienced iphone users.

1) When you first get your iphone, make a few adjustments to help the battery life even more. These below are all in your iphone general settings icon.

- Turn off location services. This is needed for maps and location based apps. Thats fine if you are using it, but most only need this when traveling or on the road. Turn if off in your settings if not using, you can always turn it on when needed.

- Turn off bluetooth if not using.

- Turn off wifi if not using. You can always turn these on when needed.

- Turn your screen brightness down to 60% or so. Thats plenty bright and is one of the big battery consumers.

- If not using push notifications or if you don't care about them, turn them off.

- The bottom line is, only have on what you really use.

- Leave the date and time ON. This one is critical as it guarantees correct time and even daylight savings or time zone changes it automatically stays correct. I always have mine on and my battery life is great.

2) One thing to know about iphones is that they are VERY safe. All code is reviewed before it can even get into the appstore, so you really dont need to worry about viruses and running anti spyware or anti virus software like you have to do on other phones. This is one of the great things about iphones, so tap the appstore icon on your phone and feel free to download and try some apps.

3) I would recommend a few information apps for everyone, and these are free:

- Usatoday (Great for daily news, sports, etc)
- ESPN (Great for daily sports scores and news)
- Many others, search and look around the appstore, you will find many other things you like, and you can do so without worrying about viruses.

4) Browse around in your settings icon, get familiar with it, many things there.

5) Turn on imessage in your settings. Imessages are all free texting when sent to other iphone users. It will turn blue and say "imessage" in the text box when its recognized automatically for you. Note that even if you have unlimited texting, turn it on anyways as others may not so that will make it free for them to message you. Note that even international texting is free with imessage!

6) Turn on MMS in your message settings. This enables you to text photos, etc.

7) When charging your iphone, it doesn't matter if you "over charge". You hear some people talk about their phones and they say it ruins the battery life if you keep charging past 100%. On iphone it doesn't matter, I've always plugged mine in overnight and have never had a battery issue. Even 3 years later my battery is still great.

8) The way I charge my iphone is that its almost always between 15% and 30% when I recharge. You hear some say you must run your battery down. I don't see it, as I've always charged mine this way and my battery life is great.

9) Keep your iphone IN YOUR POCKET when not in use! So many have dropped them in toilets or dropped them outside when walking because they were carrying in their hand. Carry it in your pocket always when not in use to avoid this from ever happening. It only takes once and you will be sorry otherwise :)

10) Use icloud and manually backup your info now and then, it does it automatically in the settings when you tap backup. Quick and easy way to transfer your contacts to a new phone later down the road.

11) Keep in mind the camera on the iphone is great, HD quality and videos can really take alot of space. If you take alot of videos and photos then copy them to your computer. Saving 100's or 1000's on your phone is not necessary, you can save them on your computer and remove off your phone, and this way you can get a phone with less space on it.