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Community Help: What is taking up space on my iphone

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What is taking up so much space on my iphone? If I have around 1000 songs, 800 pictures, 60 apps, and 200 videos, how can I free up more space on the phone?


The solution to this is simple. Here is the normal order on what consumes the most space:

1) Videos - By far the biggest space consumers. Especially today with cameras in the phone being HD quality, etc. You do NOT have to delete your videos if they are ones you want to keep. Obviously its easiest to delete them (just tap the video and tap the trash can to delete them). If you want to keep them then offload them to your computer (PC or Mac). You can just use Windows Explorer to drag them to your computer and then delete them off your iphone, pretty simple. This alone will most likely free ALOT of space and will probably solve your problem

2) Photos - Same as above, you can use Windows explorer to simply drag them to your computer as they dont all need to be on your phone.

3) Music - Do you really need 1000's of songs on your iphone? Keep 300 and move the others to your computer instead or put them on icloud, etc.

Note! If storing videos, photos, etc, on your computer, its always smart to back them up to a thumb drive. Hard drives do crash occasionally so this is simple and you should back them up if they are important to you. Trust me, some day you will be glad you did that.