Iphone option - turn off read receipts on text messages.

Community Help: Turn of read receipt message on iphone

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When I send text messages on my iphone, the person can see when I read their text message? I want to make sure that this is off so they do not know when their messages are being read by me. How can I guarantee they cannot see this?


Actually that option is only with imessages. Some like having it on (like boyfriend - girlfriend, etc), but I prefer having that option off. If you go into your settings, as the window shows below, there is an option to turn that off. Make sure the "send read receipts" is greyed out and off as shown below. Note also this is also the same screen where you turn imessage on and where you turn off the "send as SMS", which I would recommend doing. That option just means if for some reason imessage is not available, then it will automatically send as a regular text message. If sending international texts for free via imessage, you dont want it to suddenly send as regular text if there is a problem and you end up getting charged. So I would just recommend turning that off too.